Nurse Practice Act

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*See Sec. 19a-88b re renewal of certain professional and occupational licenses, certificates, permits or registrations which become void while the holder is on active duty in the armed forces of the United States.
Chapters 369 to 381, inclusive, cited. 207 C. 674. Cited. 242 C. 1.

Table of Contents

Sec. 20-87. Definitions.
Sec. 20-87a. Definitions. Scope of practice.
Sec. 20-88. State Board of Examiners for Nursing.
Sec. 20-89. Salaries and expenses.
Sec. 20-90. Duties of board.
Sec. 20-91. Awards in aid of nursing education.
Sec. 20-91a. Federal funds.
Sec. 20-92. Examinations.
Sec. 20-93. Qualifications for examination. Licensure. Fee.
Sec. 20-94. Licensure without examination. Limited period for licensure without examination for advanced practice registered nurses. Temporary permit.
Sec. 20-94a. Licensure as advanced practice registered nurse.
Sec. 20-94b. Nurse anesthetists. Prescriptive authority.
Sec. 20-94c. Advanced practice registered nurses. Professional liability insurance required.
Sec. 20-95. Use of title "registered nurse".
Sec. 20-96. Licensure as practical nurse. Examinations.
Sec. 20-97. Licensure without examination. Temporary permit.
Sec. 20-98. Use of title "practical nurse".
Sec. 20-99. Improper professional conduct. Hearing. Appeal. Prohibited conduct.
Sec. 20-99a. Regulations.
Sec. 20-100. Notice to Department of Health Services.
Sec. 20-101. Construction of chapter. Permitted practices. Temporary practice.
Sec. 20-101a. Determination and pronouncement of death by registered nurse. Regulations.
Sec. 20-101b. Construction.
Sec. 20-101c. Prescription forms used by advanced practice registered nurses and nurse-midwives.
Sec. 20-102. Penalty.
Sec. 20-102a. Appearance before board concerning application.
Secs. 20-102b to 20-102z.