Connecticut Essential Workers
Premium Pay And COVID-19 Relief Fund

Did you know there are two programs to help Essential Workers?

COVID-19 Relief Fund
Helps with financial relief for essential workers who got COVID-19 and were unable to work.
This covers unpaid leave or lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses due to COVID-19.

Premium Pay Program
Are payments for essential workers that were on the job during the pandemic.
Offers up to $1000 in pay if you worked on-site.

Did you miss the Essential Worker webinar?
CT Essential Worker Premium Pay Program  

 with Special Guest Speaker
State of Connecticut Comptroller Natalie Braswell

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Learn about the state of the bonus pay program, deadlines for signing up and more!

Click here for CT Essential Worker Premium Pay Program PPT Slides 

To find out eligibility and to apply for either program click here

Premium Pay and Covid-19 Applications

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