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Nursing Policy and Practice Issues

1067 An Act Concerning Adequate and Safe Health Care Staffing

HEARING Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 11:00 A.M. in Room 1D of the LOB and via Zoom

 The public hearing can be viewed via YouTube Live.

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No later than start of hearing 3/22/23 @ 11:00 am


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Deadline to register to speak in front of the Public Health Committee is Tuesday

March 21, 2023 at 3:00 PM

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Following 2023 Legislative Bills


Out of Committee/Testified

Testified on the following bills

Awaiting Hearing Dates


Professional Practice & Workforce
Retain current nursing workforce through policies and practices that ensure
they can provide quality care to individuals, families, and communities

Foster safe workplace environments that retain nurses and promote professional satisfaction, and protect physical and mental health

    o HB 6148 An Act Concerning Minimum Staffing Levels For Nurses. (PHC)o HB 6086 an Act Expanding the Professional Assistance Program for Regulated Professions to include Pharmacists (General Law) (testimony)
    o   HB 6142 An Act Eliminating The License Renewal Fee For Registered Nurses (PHC)
    o   SB 14 an Act Ensuring the Safety of health Care Workers (PHC) o  o   S.B. 913 (raised) an act expanding workers' compensationcoverage for post-traumatic stress injuries for all employees. (submitted testimony) (Labor and Public Employees)

    o   Monitoring CMS inspections of health care facilities for WPV policies and procedures (Federal)
      Foster policies and practices that address racism in academic and work environments
      o   SB 936 An Act Concerning Workforce Development (BOR/Higher Ed) (submitted testimony) elevated need for health professions, practice partners and diversity to be included in the advisory work.
      • ·       Safeguard the ability of nurses to practice according to the Nurse Practice Act
        and monitor for modifications that promote and ensure public safety
        o   S.B. No. 899 (Raised) An Act Concerning Title Protection for Physicians (PHC) (testimony)
        o   HB 6149 An act eliminating barriers to advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants (PHC) (>300 emails sent) (will be incorporated into healthcare workforce bill)
        o   HB 5479 An Act Concerning Scope of Practice review (PHC)
        o   HB 6398 An Act Expanding The Scope Of Practice Of Pharmacists (PHC)
        o   Participated in the Midwifery Scope of Practice review, awaiting DPH recommendation for ongoing meetings and the inclusion of CT Nurses Association.
        o   Await Truth in Advertising PHC bill that incorporates Title Nurse Protection
        • ·       Provide for payment structures that accurately reflect the value of nursing
          practice and compensate competitively
        • ·       Advocate for the inclusion of metrics to increase diversity of nursing faculty
          and students to reflect state demographics
        • ·       Expand health resources for LGBTQIA+ community including healthcare
          access and support, advocacy, and provider competency education.
        • ·       Provide adequate funding for nursing workforce professional development
          and continuing education
          o   HB 6297 An act concerning Endometriosis Training for School Nurses (PHC)
          o   SB 68 An Act Revising Continuing Medical Education Requirements (PHC)
          • ·       Promote policies for scholarship and debt relief programs for nurses in all
            practice settings
            o   HB 6046 An Act Enhancing Health Care Pathway Programs To Connect Students With  Nurses (PHC)
            o   HB 4438 An Act Establishing A Deb Free State College Program For Employees Of Day Care Facilities, Home Health Care Agencies And Nursing Homes. (Higher Ed) (Testimony 2/7)
            o   SB 174 An Act Requiring the Establishment of Tuition Reimbursement Program for Mental Health Care Providers (PHC)

            Health for Individuals, Communities, & the Environment
            Enhance a culture of health and wellness that will enable the people of
            Connecticut to live their healthiest lives

            • ·       Incorporate nursing expertise in every space where health related decisions
              are being made for people Including but not limited to: advisories, task forces,
              commissions, and boards.
            • Address social determinants of health (economic stability, education access
              and quality, health care access and quality, neighborhood and built
              environment, social and community context) to improve health outcomes for
              individuals; from infants to the elderly
            o   HB 5313 An Act Concerning A Coordinated State Strategy To Fight Opioid Abuse (General law)
            o   SB 23 An Act Concerning Opioids (PHC) Drug alcohol workgroup monitoring this bill, working to identify CNA member to participate
            o   HB 5809 An Act Concerning Opioids And Insurance (Insurance and real estate committee)
            o   HB 5195 An Act Establishing A Learn Here, Health Here Program (PHC) (MH providers)
            o   HB 6351 an act concerning pharmacists and opioid antagonists (General Law)
              HB 5916 An Act Concerning The Completion Of Clinical Hours By Student Nurses In A School Setting (PHC)

              HB 6209 An Act Concerning Special Services Endorsement For School Nurses (education)

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              2022 Connecticut End of Session Legislative Report

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