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Susan Goncalves, DNP, MS, RN-BC

Term: Spring 2022 - Fall 2023 

Mary Kate Eanniello, DNP, RN, OCN

Term: Fall 2022 - Fall 2023

Kaitlin Cuas, MAN, RN-BC, CDP

Term: Fall 2022 - Fall 2023


Cassandra Esposito, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Term: Fall 2022 - Fall 2023

Interim Chair, Government Relations Committee
Stephanie McGuire, MS, APRN, NP-BC

Term: Fall 2021- Fall 2023

Co-Chair, Governance Committee

Joshua Knickerbocker, DNP, MBA, APRN, NP-C

Term: Spring 2022 - Fall 2024

Co-Chair, Governance Committee

Kristi Maynard

Term: Spring 2022 - Fall 2024

Senior Policy Advisor, Government Relations Committee
Mary Jane Williams, PhD, RN

Term: Fall 2020 - current

Executive Director

Kimberly Sandor, MSN, FNP, RN

Immediate Past President
Connecticut Membership Assembly Representative to the American Nurses Association
Stephanie Paulmeno, DNP, MS, RN, NHA, CCM, CPH, CDP

Connecticut Nurses Foundation
Open Position, CNF President
Glenn Goulet, CNF Treasurer
Stephanie Paulmeno, CNF Secretary

Meetings: second Monday of the month, 4:30pm