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Susanne Yeakel, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CNML

Susanne Yeakel, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CNML, brings a proven track record of ascending to increasingly higher roles within the nursing realm. Currently, she is honored to hold the responsibility of Nurse Director at Hartford Hospital, overseeing a diverse array of eight medical units, each with its own unique specialties.

Her leadership style is characterized by collaboration and a deep commitment to amplifying the voices of nurses in decision-making processes. She firmly believes in the power of shared engagement, recognizing that the collective insights of our nursing community hold the key to shaping the future of our profession. This pivotal moment demands our united effort as a professional organization to meet the evolving needs of nurses throughout our state.

As we navigate a dynamic healthcare landscape, the Connecticut Nurses' Association plays an important role in advocating for nurses and patient outcomes. Professional development and advocacy stand as cornerstones of our association's offerings. I am resolute in my dedication to promoting membership inclusivity, regardless of one's practice area. This is an opportunity to unify nurses under our common mission, strengthening our collective voice for positive change. My history of service and commitment to advancing nursing is evident through my involvement in various organizations. I have served diligently on committees and held pivotal positions in esteemed associations such as the Connecticut Nurses' Association, the Organization of Nurse Leaders, and the American Organization for Nursing Leadership. Each role has endowed her with invaluable experience, a testament to my unwavering dedication to our nursing community.

One of her core commitments lies in nurturing the next generation of nursing leaders. I am steadfast in my resolve to mentor emerging talents, guiding them to seize the potential inherent in our important work. By fostering this growth, we ensure a continuum of leadership excellence that will propel our profession forward.

Sue states she is truly honored to be in the position of Secretary within the Connecticut Nurses’ Association.  and  pledges to continue her tireless efforts to elevate our profession, amplify nurse engagement, and foster a sense of unity among our ranks.