Individual CNE Activity Approval

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Individual Educational Activity Application
“Individual Educational Activity”
An “Individual Activity” is an individual, organization or part of an organization submitting an education activity for approval to provide continuing nursing education contact hours.

An approved program can:

  • Award continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours for your workshop/training.
  • Present and award the approved program for CNE contact hours, as many times as you’d like within a 2 year period of time. You must submit summary of the event reports as required below, after each event.
  • If during this period of time you make any changes (agenda, speakers, etc.) you are required to notify
  • “Retroactive Contact hours” (approval for educational activity that has already taken place) are NOT authorized by CNA or ANCC for Approval of educational activity that has already taken place. You can submit the course for contact hours for events scheduled after it is approved.

There are two types of Individual Activities (they use the same individual educational activity application) that can be approved for a two year period:

  • Live Activity are educational activities delivered in real time, whether in-person or web-based.
  • Enduring Individual Activity are educational are non-live CNE activities. The learning experience by the nurse can take place at any time and in any place rather than only at one time or in one place.

Steps to get Approved

  • Begin planning early! Two-three months prior to your activity, you want to begin planning. Once your application is submitted and ready for approval, late fees begin if submitted within six weeks of your event. See Fee Schedule Below.
  • You will need a RN to act as your Lead Nurse Planner. (If you do not have one, please let us know, we can connect you to nurses that provide this service.) The Lead Nurse planner collaborates with the program to develop the application for the individual activity and ensure it meets nursing and learning outcome standards
Your application will not be considered complete/submitted until both the completed application and payment have been received.
  1. Individual Education Activity Application: complete all components of the Individual Education Activity application. Submit the completed application as ONE, consecutively numbered, document or PDF (handwritten applications not accepted)
Mandatory Forms  (click on title to download document)

Additional Forms if Applicable, it’s required to REVIEW each form and complete if it is applicable  (click on title to download document)

2. Submit Payment: Payment is based on the length of your program and when you submit payment.
1. Calculate how many contact hours your program will provide.
  • One Contact Hour = 60 minutes of content
  • If there are simultaneous sessions, or break out sessions, each session is counted/reviewed individually. The cost is based on the total hours of reviewed content. For example, if your participants will get two hours of continuing nursing education credits, by way of a 1 hour keynote presentation followed by a choice to attend one of three, one hour breakout sessions, the total number of reviewed contact, the Keynote + breakout 1 + breakout 2+ breakout 3 are counted for a total of 4 hours of content to be reviewed.
3. Fee Schedule
  • 6 weeks prior to the presentation date
      • $60 per content hour for programs 0.5 – 10 content contact hours
      • If over 10 content contact hours, please contact to determine your reduced fee.
  • 6 weeks to 3 weeks prior to the presentation date - Additional fee
    • Expedited fee $200
  • 3 weeks or less prior to the presentation date, will not be reviewed and contact hours will not be provided

  • Please note, as an approved program, in order to continue to provide contact hours, after each event you must submit  the following three forms to
    • Summary Activity Report
    • Summative Evaluation
    • Completed sign in sheets

Individual Application Forms:

Mandatory Forms  (click on title to download document)

Additional Forms if Applicable, it’s required to REVIEW each form and complete if it is applicable  (click on title to download document)

After Providing an Activity

Submit the following to

  • Sample Summary Activity Report 
  • Summative Evaluation (compile evaluations from the event)
  • Complete sign in sheets