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Individual Activity

An individual activity is an individual, organization or part of an organization, submitting an education activity for approval to provide continuing nursing education contact hours. Following review and approval it may be repeated as often as desired during the two-year period of approval.

Changes to approved program

If substantial changes are made to the program, it is considered a new program and the application process must be followed. Any previously approved provider directed, provider paced program converted to enduring material (e.g. a live course videoed and then posted electronically as enduring material) must undergo the review process as a new application. 

If during the approval period,  changes are made to an approved program (agenda, speakers, etc.), it is required to notify CNA. (

Retroactive Approval

There is no retroactive approval. Approval must be granted prior to presentation of individual educational activities. No approval or review will occur after an educational activity has taken place. The exception to this rule is in the case of pilot studies. Participants in a pilot study assist in determining the length of time required for completing an educational activity to calculate the number of contact hours. Those participants may be awarded contact hours once the number is determined. 

Types of Activities

Types of educational activities approved by CNA that may be delivered live or via an enduring format:

  1. Provider-directed, provider-paced: The Provider controls all aspects of the learning activity. The Provider determines the desired learning outcome based on a needs assessment and gap analysis, selects content based on best available evidence, chooses strategies to facilitate learning, and identifies methods for collecting and analyzing evaluation data. (Examples include live activities and live webinars.)
  2. Provider-directed, learner-paced: The Provider determines the desired learning outcome based on a needs assessment and gap analysis, selects content based on best available evidence, chooses strategies to facilitate learning, and identifies methods for collecting and analyzing evaluation data. The learner determines the pace at which he or she engages in the learning activity. (Examples include print articles, online courses, e-books, and self-learning modules/independent studies.) Live educational activities, whether in-person or web-based, are provider-directed, provider-paced activities.
  3. Learner-directed, learner-paced: An educational activity in which the learner takes the initiative in identifying his or her learning needs, formulating learning goals, identifying human and material resources for learning, choosing and implementing appropriate learning strategies, and evaluating learning outcomes. The learner also determines the pace at which he or she engages in the learning activity. Learner-directed activities may be developed with or without the help of others, but they are undertaken in on an individual basis.

  4. Blended activity: A combination of live/webinar and learner-paced above.

The CNA approves programs for up to two years; however, the provider is expected to evaluate repeated activities as needed to determine that the practice gap still exists, that the underlying educational needs are still relevant for the target audience, and that content is still based on current evidence.

Enduring activities are provider-directed, learner-paced activities. Enduring materials have an expiration date, after which no contact hours may be awarded. The expiration date must be disclosed to learners prior to the start of the educational activity. The expiration period for enduring materials is based on the content of the materials and does not exceed two years.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee must include at least two people: the Nurse Planner and a Content Expert. The Nurse Planner is a registered nurse with a baccalaureate degree or higher in nursing and an unrestricted license. This individual is responsible for planning the activity, developing learning outcomes, content and learner engagement strategies and evaluating the activity.  Only one registered nurse on the committee serves as the Nurse Planner.

The Content Expert is an individual with documented qualifications demonstrating education and/or experience in a particular subject matter. The Nurse Planner may function as both the Nurse Planner and the Content Expert; however, two people must be involved with planning each educational activity. Other individuals may be selected, as appropriate, to help plan the activity.

A Content Reviewer may be selected to evaluate an educational activity during the planning process or after it has been planned but prior to delivery to learners for quality of content, bias, and any other aspect of the activity that require evaluation.

If your planning committee needs a Nurse Planner that meets the qualifications, contact CNA. CNA can connect your planning committee with nurses that will serve in this role.

Due Date

Programs are due 30 business days (Monday - Friday do not include weekends or holidays) prior to the activity date.
Expedited fees apply for programs received after the 30 business days period.

Applications will not be considered submitted until both the completed application and payment have been received.


Payment is based on the length of program and when program application is submitted 

*additional expedited fees are applied to programs submitted less than 29 business days before the event.

Calculating Length of Program

Calculate how many contact hours the program will offer.

One Contact Hour = 60 minutes of content
If simultaneous sessions or break out sessions are offered, each session is counted and reviewed individually. The cost is based on the total hours of reviewed content. For example, if participants will receive two hours of continuing nursing education credits, by way of a 1 hour keynote presentation followed by a choice to attend one of three, one hour breakout sessions, the total number of reviewed contact, the Keynote + breakout 1 + breakout 2+ breakout 3 are counted for a total of 4 hours of content to be reviewed. 

    Fee schedule (fees subject to change)

      If your program date is in 30 business days (Monday - Friday do not include weekends or holidays) or more:
        • $75 per content hour for programs 0.5 – 5 contact hours
        • $65 per content hours for programs with 5.5-10 contact hours
        • $60 per content hours for programs 10.5 and above contact hours)

      Additional fees if your program is in the next 29 days or less

      • For program dates in 29-15 business days add an additional $250 expedited fee
      • For program dates in 14-7 business days, add an additional $500 expedited fee

      It is critical your application follows the ANCC criteria and requirements explained below.

      The application fee includes:

      1.  Review of your application by our professional development educators for alignment with the ANCC criteria
      2. Feedback on areas that need additional evidence to meet the ANCC standards.
      3. One re-submission.

      If additional submission of your application is required please note:

      • $60 Additional review fee

      Need Additional Assistance?

      We offer professional development consultation!

      Talk to us about how to get support and mentoring before submitting your application.

      $150 per hour.

        • Connecticut Nurses Association reserves the right to adjust fees as needed without notice.
        • No refunds granted once application is submitted and processed - fees cover the review process and do not guarantee approval

        Submit Application and Fees here   

        Individual Education Activity Application

        Complete all components of the Individual Education Activity application. Submit the completed application as ONE, consecutively numbered, document or PDF (handwritten applications not accepted).

        Please read Guideline and Resources booklet BEFORE filling out templates

        Mandatory Forms

          Additional Forms, if applicable

          Following Program

          Following each presentation of the program, the following must be submitted. Failure to submit forms may result in revocation of approval. Submit the following forms to CNA.

          Additional Resources