Child Care Health Consultant/ Nurse Consultant

CT Office of Early Childhood

  • Licensing
  • OEC COVID-19 Response
  • OEC Memos
    • 9 & 9A Health Consultant. Required health consultant visits for child care centers and group child care homes may be conducted over the phone[Regulation Section19a-79-3a(b)(4) and (c)(1), 19a-79-4a(h)(2)(H), 19a-79-11(f), 19a-79-12(b)(1)]
    • Consultant Agreements. Annual consultant reviews and agreements for child care centers andgroup child care homes that expire during the declared state of emergency are acceptable[Regulation Section 19a-79-4a(h)]
  • Memo 6
  • Memo 29 (group size, mask, ventilation)