Professional Development & Upcoming Events

    • 1 Jun 2022
    • 6:00 PM (EDT)
    • Virtual

    Open dialogue Forum Topic

    Nurse Staffing

    Wednesday June 1, 2022
    6 pm - 7:30 pm

    We need your voice and experience!

    Please join us to share your insight and experience to inform the American Nurses' Association's upcoming policy and practice plans.  You have ideas - let's hear them!

    Your Membership Assembly Representatives will bring your voice to Washington, DC at ANA's  Annual Membership Assembly in June.

    One (1.5) Nursing Continuing Professional Development contact hour will be awarded for this event

    Connecticut Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation

    • 16 Jun 2022
    • Connecticut Nurses Association

    Become a part of CT Nurses Association leadership!


    Deadline June 15th

    CLICK HERE to Submit your Name/ Nomination

    All Connecticut Nurses’ Association members are invited to become more involved by seeking out a volunteer leadership position on one of our  Committees and Boards.

    Serving as a volunteer leader offers great opportunities to build your professional network with other nursing professionals from across the state. In addition, volunteer leadership provides a necessary level of support to Connecticut Nurses Association by participating in the association’s governance.

    Connecticut Nurses Association Board of Directors, has opened its Open Call  for the following positions Committees and Boards:
     Membership Elected Positions

    (click to learn more about positions)

    • CT Nurses Association Board of Directors
      * President-Elect
      * Treasurer
    • Nomination Committee 
    Board Appointed Opportunities

    (click to learn more about opportunities)

    • Government Relations Committee
    • Educational Program Reviewer
    • Finance Committee
    • Governance Committee (Bylaws)

    Current members may nominate themselves and/or others to be considered for Committee or Board positions.  all nomination materials must be received by 5:00 pm ET on June 15th, 2022

    To Submit your Name/ Nomination :

    Once all your forms are complete, please upload them by

    CLICK HERE to Submit 


      Thank you for considering this opportunity!



      • 16 Jun 2022

      Award Nominations are Open!

      Deadline June 15th

      Connecticut Nurses' Association's Awards Program celebrates accomplishments of individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to nursing, health care policy, media presentations of nurses and nursing and to the association.

      Note: Please be sure to have all your information ready prior to your nomination upload.  


      To learn more about the Awards click links below.

      1. Diamond Jubilee Awards
        1. Contributions to Nursing Education
        2. Contributions to Nursing Research
        3. Contributions to Nursing Administration
        4. Contributions to Nursing through Political Action
        5. Contributions to Nursing Practice
        6. Contributions and Service to CT Nurses Association
        7. Lifetime Achievement Award
      2. Connecticut Nurses Association Awards

      1. Excellence in the Workplace
      2. President's Award
      3. Media Award
      4. Public Service Award

      Award nominations application include the submission of the following documents. Please be sure to have all documents before you submit the nomination.

      Award Nomination Procedure

      1. Each nomination and its supporting documentation must be submitted by June 15th by CLICKING HERE  
      2. Nominations may be made of an individual, group or an organization.
      3. Each nomination must include the following TYPED information:
        • For an individual - a C.V., which includes the candidate’s educational and professional background; professional and community activities; and other pertinent biographical information, must be submitted.
        • In the case of a group of individuals or an organization as nominees, a description of the group or the organization, its history, purpose and function, must be submitted.
        • A narrative statement by the sponsor/nominator outlining the accomplishments of the nominee and how these meet the established criteria for the award.
        • Nominators must supply at least one, but no more than three letters of support for the nomination.
      4. All nominations become the property of the Connecticut Nurses’ Association.
      5. CNA reserves the right to request further information related to a nomination.
      6. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
      7. Nominators will be notified of the Committee’s decision, and offered opportunity to register for AWARDS event to present the AWARD.
      8. Award does not have to be given every year, but when candidate(s) is identified or recommended for recognition.
      9. More than one award may be given in a calendar year.

      To Submit A Nomination

      Note: Please be sure to have all your information ready prior to your nomination upload.  

      Questions?  Email: 

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    31 Mar 2021 ANCC Nursing Continuing Professional Development Workshop
    23 Feb 2021 Membership Monthly Meeting
    18 Feb 2021 HeartMath Tools of Self-Care, Patient Care, and Resiliency
    4 Feb 2021 COVID-19 VACCINE: What You Need To Know Navigating the System
    28 Jan 2021 COVID-19 VACCINE Administration: What you Need to Know – More than a Needle in the Arm
    27 Jan 2021 COVID-19 VACCINE: Nurse to Nurse Chat
    20 Jan 2021 Annual Convention ~ The Art and Science of Supporting Patients with Life-Limiting Illness: A guide for patient, family, and self-care.
    17 Dec 2020 Spiritual Health: First Aid for Nurses
    8 Dec 2020 Legislative Boot Camp
    7 Dec 2020 Virtual New School Nurse Orientation
    3 Dec 2020 Healthy Homes and Environments: Simple Steps to Empower Nurses to be Environmentally Conscious and Toxin Free
    12 Nov 2020 Stress-free Nutrition for Stressful Times
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    5 Nov 2020 Who Takes Care of You? The Importance of Self-Care
    27 Oct 2020 Wellness for Nurses Webinar Series
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    17 Sep 2020 PPE for Your Mental Health
    14 Sep 2020 2020 CT Voting Process: Just the Facts
    20 Aug 2020 Finding Your Voice
    13 Aug 2020 Replenish at Work: Easy Practices to Promote Well-Being
    12 Aug 2020 2020 Fall School Nurse Supervisor Conference
    30 Jul 2020 Narrative Medicine
    23 Jul 2020 Nurse Entrepreneurship: No Better Time to Start A Business
    9 Jul 2020 Using Design Thinking to Create Nurse-led Innovations
    25 Jun 2020 Staying Above the Fray
    23 Jun 2020 Nurses together: Join a Support Group - Conversation
    21 Jun 2020 2020 Spring School Nurse Supervisor Conference
    16 Jun 2020 Aromatherapy for Self-Care
    28 May 2020 Raise Your Energy and Joy
    18 May 2020 Submit Award Nominations Extended to July 15th
    15 May 2020 Submit Board & Committee Nominations due July 1
    11 May 2020 Virtual Spring Retired Nurses Event 2020
    11 Apr 2020 Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy => Virtual
    25 Mar 2020 Virtual Legislative Education and Advocacy Day
    14 Mar 2020 Nurses Day at the Capitol!
    14 Mar 2020 Legislative Breakfast & Nurses Day at the Capitol!
    26 Feb 2020 Early Care in Education in Public School Settings - Considering the Role of the School Nurse
    3 Dec 2019 New School Nurse Workshop 2019
    26 Nov 2019 Nurse Specialty Organization Round Table and Legislative Boot Camp
    14 Nov 2019 Men in Nursing
    13 Nov 2019 Providing Successful Continuing Nursing Education
    8 Nov 2019 HAVEN Mandated Reporting of Healthcare Professionals
    30 Oct 2019 Awards Celebration 2019
    30 Oct 2019 Sponsorship/Exhibitor Opportunities Annual Convention ~ Human Trafficking
    30 Oct 2019 Annual Convention ~ Human Trafficking: What every nurse needs to know!
    21 Oct 2019 Fall Retired Nurses Event 2019
    24 Sep 2019 Annual Membership Meeting
    17 Sep 2019 2019 Fall School Nurse Supervisor Conference
    17 Jun 2019 The Health Impacts of Climate Change: What Nurses Need to Know!
    6 Jun 2019 Men in Nursing
    30 May 2019 School Nurses with PreK Programs Training
    14 May 2019 2019 Kickoff Meeting CNC AC!
    13 May 2019 Retired Nurses Event
    10 May 2019 2019 School Nurse Supervisor Annual Spring Conference
    30 Apr 2019 LPN Kick Off Meeting!
    27 Mar 2019 Legislative Education and Advocacy Day @ Goodwin College
    20 Mar 2019 Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Invitation to View Webinar Together
    20 Mar 2019 Legislative Education and Advocacy Day @ Quinnipiac University
    6 Mar 2019 Nurses Day at the Capitol!
    2 Nov 2018 Providing Successful Continuing Nursing Education: Mastering the ANCC Criteria
    15 Oct 2018 Retired Nurses Event
    10 Oct 2018 Awards Celebration
    10 Oct 2018 Annual Membership Meeting
    10 Oct 2018 2018 Convention
    28 Sep 2018 2018 Fall School Nurse Supervisor Conference