Hall of Fame

2010 - 2012 American Nurses Association Awards and Hall of Fame

2012 BARBARA THOMAS CURTIN AWARD, Recipient:  Mary Jane M. Williams, PhD, RN

This award was established in 1991 to honor a nurse who has made significant contributions to nursing practice and health policy through political and legislative activity

2012 HALL OF FAME,  Recipient: Josephine A. Dolan, PhD, RN

This prestigious award recognizes an individual’s lifelong commitment to the field of nursing and its impact on the health and/or social history of the United States

2010 PEARL MCIVER AWARD, Recipient: Dr. Ruth Nelson Knolmueller

The award recognizes the outstanding professional contribution of one public health nurse and calls this achievement to the attention of members of the profession as well as the general public.

2010 HALL OF FAME, Recipient: John Devereaux Thompson, MS, RN

This prestigious award recognizes an individual’s lifelong commitment to the field of nursing and its impact on the health and/or social history of the United States

1980 - 2017 Diamond Jubilee Hall of Fame

The Doris M. Armstrong Award for Outstanding Contributions to Nursing Administration


2017 Francine LoRusso
2016 Diane Vorio
2014 Cheryl B. Hoey
2013 Susan Davis
2012 Sue Fitzsimmons
2011 Grace Lenox Flight

2010 Colleen O. Smith
2008 Margaret Flinter

2007 D. Vincent Penry
2002 Laura J. Caramanica
2000 Virginia Humphrey

1997 Rhonda Anderson

1996 Joyce E. Schickler
1994 Ruth D. Abbott
1992 Claire E. O’Neil
1991 Doris M. Armstrong

The Josephine A. Dolan Award for Outstanding Contributions to Nursing Education

2017 Donna Nickitas
2016 James John McNulty
2015 Joan Sullivan Palladinio
2015 Katie Love
2014 UCONNHC CMHC Nursing Education and Simulation Committee Members & UCONN
2013 Audrey Beauvais
2012 Kathleen Fries
2011 Linda Honan Pellico
2011 Anne Maria Barker
2010 Susan DeNisco
2009 Sheila Carey Grossman
2008 Daryle Brown
2007 Elizabeth Anderson
2005 Dori Taylor Sullivan
2004 Ruth Knollmueller
2001 Jane E. Murdock

2000 Esther Haloburdo
1999 Linda A. Barile
1998 Constance E. Young
1997 Dorothy P. Fishman
1995 Ellen R. Beatty
1994 Suzanne MacAyoy
1993 Dorothy L. Sexton(d)
1992 Eleanor K. Herrmann
1991 Martha P. Jayne
1990 Judith A. Hriceniak(d)
1989 Judith B. Kraus
1987 Carolyn L. Wclassmer
1984 Kathleen T. Flynn
1982 Edith Patton Lewis(d)
1980 Josephine A. Dolan(d)

The Virginia A. Henderson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Nursing Research

2017 Angela Starkweather
2016 M. Tish Knobf
2015 Colleen Delaney
2014 Leslie Neal-Boylan
2014 Jacqueline M. McGrath
2014 Nancy R. Reynolds
2013 Meredith Wallace Kazer
2013 Cynthia Barrere
2012 Barbara Aronson
2011 Nancy Schmieder Redeker
2010 Angela Crowley
2007 Robin E. Leger
2007 Deborah McDonald
2003 Gail D'Eramo-Melkus

2002 Olga M. Church
2001 Cheryl L. Beck
1997 Margaret Grey
1996 Angela E. Vicenzi
1995 Marjorie Funk
1994 Ann B. Williams
1992 Mairead Hickey
1991 Cheryl Stetler
1990 Robin D. Froman
1989 John D. Thompson(d)
1987 Jacqueline Fawcett
1986 Beverly L. Koerner
1985 Barbara Munro
1983 Marlene Kramer
1981 Donna K. Diers
1980 Virginia A. Henderson(d)

The Vera R. Keane Award for Distinguished Service to the Connecticut Nurses’ Association

2015 Patricia C. Bouffard
2013 Leo Le Bel
2012 Angela V. DiLillo
2011 Linda Angotto
2010 Karen Crouse
2008 Timothy Squires
2005 Judith A. Sartucci
2004 Karen Banks

2002 Mary Ellen “Mell” Hobson
2001 Yohanna M. Casalini

2000 Mary Jane Williams
1998 Myra H. Kerr(d)1997 Barbara E. Pokorny
1994 Carol Daisy
1993 Marylouise Welch

1992 Patricia D. Barry
1990 Marie A. Turbie(d)
1989 E. Carol Polifroni
1984 Beverly G. O’Connor
1983 Claire Lycett
1981 Audrey M. McCluskey
1980 Vera R. Keane(d)

The Agnes Ohlson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Nursing Through Political Action

2016 Joy Elwell
2015 Rep. Roberta Willis
2014 Rep. Peggy Sayers
2014 Rep. Theresa Conroy
2013 Lynn Rapsilber
2012 Donna Kosiorowski
2011 Anne B. Hulick
2010 Thomas Regan & Lori Samele-Bates
2009 Christopher Shays
2008 Rep Peggy Sayers
2007 Lynn Price
2005 Norma D. Gyle

2004 Marilyn Richard
2001 Lisabeth Johnston

2000 Leo Le Bel
1999 The CT Chapter of Nurse Attorneys
1997 Marie T. Hilliard
1995 Donna M. Nikitas
1993 Doris T. Lippman
1991 Elsa L. Bown
1990 Marie V. Roberto
1989 Sen. Lowell Weicker, Jr.
1988 Flora Vigliotti Lavery
1985 Hazel T. Marci(d)
1984 Kathy Burness
1983 Clara Williams
1982 Barbara G. Schutt
1980 Agnes Ohlson(d)

The Florence S. Wald Award for Outstanding Contributions to Nursing Practice

2017 Laura Kierol Andrews
2017 Wendy Martinson
2016 Patricia Ryan Krause
2015 Deborah Poerio
2014 Heather Dawn Reynolds
2013 Stephanie Knutson
2012 Alison Moriarty Daley
2011 Shery Watson
2011 Patricia D. Giannelli
2010 Kathleen Tracy Grimaud
2010 Julie Stewart
2009 The «Shelton Team»
2000 Virginia Humphrey

2006 Barbara Moynihan
2005 Mary C. Keane
2004 Linda Spoonster Schwartz
2002 Lucia DeVivo-Catalano
2001 Rhea Sanford

2000 Rita Bonczek
1999 Roberta `Berti' Chuong
1998 AmeriCare
1997 George Daneri
1996 Deanna M. Xistris
1995 Janet Parkosewich
1993 Vera V. Yordan
1992 Lizabeth L. Ryan
1991 Christine Waszynsk
1990 Ruth D. Abbott
1989 Jayne Ryzewski
1988 Bette Jeanne Gebrian
1987 Rachel Rotkovitch
1986 Henrietta Bernal
1985 Doris M. Armstrong
1984 Nurse Counseling Group,  Inc.
1983 Constance T. Donovan
1981 Joan L. Quinn
1980 Florence S. Wald

The Mary Jane M. Williams for Lifetime Achievement in Nursing

2017 Shirley Girouard
2016 Marjorie Funk
2015 Maria D.M. Pietrantuono

2014 Cheryl Tatano Beck
2013 Linda Angotto
2012 Linda Barile
2011 E. Carol Polifroni
2010 Mary Jane M. Williams

1993 - 2017 Excellence in the Workplace Hall of Fame


LIFE STAR -Hartford Hospital


East Pavilion 9-5, Yale New Haven Hospital


Abby Baecker and Mallory Mangan
North 9, a Neuro/Trauma Unit at Hartford Hospital 


Advanced Wood Care and Hyperbaric Medicine: Midstate Medical Center
The Division of Nursing: Yale New Haven Hospital 


St Vincent's Medical Center


Yale New Haven Hospital


Family Birthing Center-MidState Medical Center


Nursing Staff St. Vincent’s Medical Center


Hospital of Central Connecticut – N3 Nursing Unit


Midstate Medical Center


Norwalk Hospital – 7 West Nursing Unit


Middlesex Hospital


Yale New Haven Hospital’s Atherosclerosis Treatment Program


Hebrew Home


St. Raphael’s (honorable mention)


Griffin Childbirth Center – Post-partal Visit Program


The Renal Rehabilitation Program at Rockville Hospital (honorable mention)


The Council on Nursing Research – Hebrew Home and Hospital (honorable mention)


Masonic Geriatric Healthcare Center, Dept. of Nursing, SPIN Team


Hebrew Home and Hospital Dept. of Nursing


Waterbury Hospital – Dept. of Nursing

2006 - 2017 Public Service Award Hall of Fame

Public Service Award (formerly the Legislator of the Year Award)

Year Recipient
2017 Lina A Dureza
2017  Dianne Doyle Puzycki
2015 Michele Griswold
2014  UCONN Urban Service Track:  Sponsored by the CT AHEC Network at the UCONN, c/o Petra Clark-Dufner, Associate Director, CT AHEC Program
2011 Representative Betsy Ritter
2010 State Senator Jonathan Harris
2009 Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
2008 Nancy Bafundo, immediate-past chair, SBNE
2008 Joan Dobbins, past member, SBNE
2007 State Senator Gayle Slossberg
2007 State Representative Jack Malone
2006 State Senator Christopher Murphy

Legislator of the Year (became the Public Service Award in 2005)

Year Recipient
1999 State Senator Melodie Peters
1998 State Representative James H. Maloney
1998 State Representative Mary McGratton
1997 State Senator Toni Harp
1997 State Representative Terry Gerratanna
1997 Congressman Nancy Johnson
1996 Congressman Rosa DeLauro
1996 State Senator George Gunther
1994 State Representative Joseph D. Courtney
1993 State Senator Christopher Dodd

1998 - 2013 Media Award Hall of Fame

Yale University School of Nursing Magazine
2012  "Nursing Update" - Annual Report of the work of the nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital
2012  Stephanie Knutson, Author of "School Nurse Bulletin"
2012  Joint effort of VNA's of CT
  • Joanne Walsh- VNA of South Central CT
  • Ellen Rothberg - VNA Healthcare
  • Mary Lenzini- VNA Southeastern CT
  • John Quinn- VNA of South Central CT
2011  NURSE.com, Nursing Spectrum New England
Garnett Healthcare Group Steve Hauber, Editor & Laura Stakal, Regional Editor
2010  Sandy Summer website “Truth about Nursing” and book Saving Lives: Why theMedia’s Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at Risk” Theresa Brown NY Times “Well” Blog
2009  Code Blue:Calling All Nurses - CPTV CT Public Broadcasting Network Jennifer Boyd, Executive Producer Code Green: Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing. Dr. Dana Beth Weinberg
2008  The Martha Stewart Show for its May 8, 2008 show honoring nurses Martha Stewart, Host and Executive Producer Barbara Flight, Producer Elie Haller, Assistant Producer
2007  WMUR-FM, Boston Affiliate of NPR for its series,"Nursing, a Shortage: Inside Out” Rachel Gotbaum, Producer Anna Bensted, Editor George Hicks, Technical Producer
2006  Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) for its original documentary, "Nursing Shortage, Diagnosis Critical” Producer/Director/Writer: Roynn Lisa Simmons Executive Producer: Jay Whitest, vice president of programming, CPTV
2004  Regina Barreca
2002  Johnson & Johnson
2000  Hartford Courant
1998  CBS-60 Minutes

2003 - 2017 President's Award Hall of Fame

Year Recipient
2017 Connecticut Faith Community Nursing
2016 Virginia Malerba
2015 Stephanie R. Paulmeno
2014  Julia Rosa
Governor Dannel Malloy 
2013 Carole H. Bergeron
2012 Judith A. Sartucci
2011 Robin Kanarek
2010 Jean Boddett
2010 Amy Borkoski
2009 Anne Durkin
2009 Karen Crouse
2009 Rita Bonczek
2008 Monica Hanson
2008 Lorraine Jalbert
2007 Polly Barey
2006 Mary Jane Williams
2006 Karen Banks
2006 Stephen Starger
2005 Angela Crowley
2005 Linda Angotto
2004 Elizabeth Beaudin
2004 Jadwiga Goclowski
2004 Maribeth Pennoni
2003 Joanne Cannon