Vaccine Facts for Nurses 

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Learn About the New mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines [2 pages]
This factsheet briefs healthcare workers and employees of healthcare systems and clinics on mRNA vaccines—how they work, how safe they are, and their benefits.

Quick Answers for Healthcare Professionals to Common Questions People May Ask about COVID-19 Vaccines [2 pages]
This document is a quick reference to have answers on hand to common patient questions.

COVID 19 Vaccine FAQs

    VIDEO - What is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)?
    Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines Explained
    Infographic: The Path for a COVID-19 Vaccine from Research to Emergency Use Authorization

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    4 things Nurses Can Do

    1:55 Nurse per Resident in CT

    Every nurse can play an important role in educating our families, friends, neighbors and community programs. Stay informed! 1.

    1. Qualified Workforce: Sign Up to Administer Vaccines to CT Residents

        2. Stay Informed about the Vaccine & Dissemination

        3. Stay Informed about COVID 19

        4. Role Model a Calm and thoughtful reaction