President’s Award

The President’s Award is awarded periodically at the discretion of the president of CNA in recognition of achievements of significance to the profession or special service to or on behalf of CNA or of the nursing profession.


    1. Achievement of significance to the profession, special service to or on behalf of CNA or of the nursing profession that do not fit into criteria of other CNA awards.
    2. Award does not have to be given every year, but when candidate(s) is identified or recommended for recognition.
    3. Members of the CNA board, its executive director, committees, PAC or CNF may suggest or advise the president on potential candidates for the award.
    4. May be given to an individual, group or organization
    5. May be nurse or non-nurse; if registered nurse, need not be a member of CNA; a member of the general public
    6. May be given posthumously.
    7. More than one award may be given in a calendar year.
    8. When award is made, it will normally be done at the annual CNA convention in the fall. However, it may be given at other times of the year depending on special events or activities (e.g., end of a legislative session, special anniversary such as a centennial or jubilee or imminent departure from the area or state of candidate for the award).


    1. President will notify the Board and the Awards Committee of decision to give the award.
    2. Appropriate recognition (plaque, certificate, etc.)  will be given with the name, date, identification as the President’s Award and brief notation of reason for honor
    3. Unless awardee is a large group or organization, for more than one recipient for the same award, recognition is given to each,.
    4. President or designee to provide a brief summary for CNA files.